Naples to Brighton

NuPosto brings the authentic Naples Pizza and Bar experience to Brighton. Finest ingredients are used to create fabulous Pizza

Our Pizza

The style is totally different to what someone in the UK or America would normally be used to. The dough is made in house with a "plunging arm' dough machine imported from Italy and is cooked very quickly in an oven at around 400 degrees. The result is a very light puffy crust with the odd char mark and the interior is liquidy, probably what you would describe as 'soggy'. Neapolitans love it like this! They eat it with a knife and fork (it's not suitable for picking up as a slice) and they then mop up the liquid left on the plate with the puffy crust.

I think it's a bit of a Marmite either love Neapolitan pizza or you don't

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Central Location

NuPosto is situated in the town centre, a short walk from the beach. The Brighton Conference Centre and main Brighton hotels are all local to the NuPosto pizza restaurant.